Introducing the Metabolon eBook:

Metabolomics for NASH R&D: Integrating complexity to enable a clear path forward 

Over the next decade, health experts expect NASH to become the leading cause of liver transplants. Currently, there are no FDA-approved treatments for NASH. A diverse set of disease drivers including genetics, environmental cues, microbiota metabolism and lifestyle influences come together resulting in an uncertain natural history of NAFLD/NASH.

The constellation of risk factors for NASH has spawned a remarkable array of targets and there is a significant need to bring the most effective treatments through development and to patients quickly. Metabolomics provides a comprehensive picture of the metabolome and maps metabolites to their key biochemical pathways.

In this eBook, we discuss Metabolon’s Precision MetabolomicsTM technology - a mass spectrometry-based method that allows for the identification of over 1000 small molecule compounds in a single sample and is suited for the many stages of drug development from target discovery, to target engagement, safety and biomarker identification.